Why a game on balanced meals?

Because it is important to have a healthy diet and we need to start learning how to eat at an early age.

The main purpose of this game is to promote positive health and nutrition behaviour and regular exercise, and explain to children the basic principles of a healthy diet.

There is currently a particular interest in nutrition and a significant increase in the number of shows, games, articles, magazines and books on the subject of cooking in general (press, television, radio, web…), but the media are also talking about the other side of the coin : health problems, overweight and increasing obesity among children.

Le p’tit toqué is a family game. Children and their parents will discover that they can have fun with a subject as serious as nutrition!

Eat healthily, cook yourself, enjoy life… No food is off-limits, quite the opposite - with a good lifestyle and a regular exercise, you can eat anything you want… in reasonable quantities.


From 7 years old

At this age, the children learn to read, choose their food themselves at the canteen, can distinguish between different food categories and need to exercise a lot. The game can also be used in kindergartens, in order to work on the vocabulary, food categories or as a memory game.



3 objectives: education, play and practical application

By playing, the children memorise the different food categories, learn to choose the right utensils and can cook a meal with the recipes included in the box.


270 cards

122 food cards (common foods intended for a wide audience), including ‘bonus’ food (children’s favourite foods!, exercise cards, utensils in order to cook the dishes, advice on nutrition and how to behave at the table, and of course some hazards…
Le p’tit toqué is a game involving  at the same time strategy, luck and memory.



Approved by health professionals

The content of the cards has been approved by several nutritionists and dieticians.


2 game levels

For younger children, it is possible to play without using the utensil cards.



le p’tit toqué is easy to play and aimed at a wide audience. It helps parents in their day-to day education. It can be used by families, but also by schools, hospitals, dieticians, speech therapists, town councils, senior citizens, the disabled…


Presentation of the game

Be the first chef to compose a balanced meal and win the chef’s hat!

You are a chef. Challenge your family and friends by composing a balanced meal!

Roll the dice and use the faces showing the various food categories. Combine your food cards with the right kitchen utensils. Slow your enemy down by sending a dog to steal his meat. Add some rich food to his meal to encourage him to do more exercise!

After the game, you can cook your meal or one of the 25 recipes in the box.

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